Summer's Over; Now What?

Days are getting darker and colder. Summer was fun but now it's time to wrap up and stay warm. Those summer abs, that summer tone, the sunny beach body desire is resting for another year. So what does this mean for the autumn and winter months?

Firstly, if you are planning a holiday in the next couple of months, why not make it a hot one to keep that desire going? Why not make ur winter destination a hot one? :D More expensive, but a nice idea.

But for those of us who don't have the luxury of money coming out of our ears there is a reason to keep going to the gym!

Firstly, if you keep at it in the gym, then when you get ready for summer next year, losing weight and shredding up will be up to 5 times easier! Form is temporary so keep it up when January or March hits.

Secondly, now is time to bulk up. Don't worry I don't mean put lots of muscle on. What I mean is you should start doing less cardio and more strength/weight-based exercises. This won't put lots of muscle on you (remember you need lots of testosterone to put muscle on, and women have 10 times less in their bodies than men, and men struggle as it is to put muscle on). The reason to start doing more strength exercises is to push the muscle out so when you go back on to cardio, you are taking the fat off a slightly bigger volume of muscle, so it will happen quicker than if you just carried on doing cardio.

This is the time to shock the body. If you carry on with cardio and fat shredding, the body will respond to this by adapting itself to the stress you put it through. Going for harder strength exercises (can still be cardio-based) will shock the body and could actually burn more fat than before as the body will have to work harder again.

Harder and more strength exercises will introduce you to the afterburn effect by which your body is still burning calories and/or fat about 2 hours after a workout! This will help burn fat and introduce your body to a different type of fat loss method. Really good for people who want to look good!

If you want to find out how to best approach this new workout schedule check out the 'Periodisation' article to find out what you should do next. Remember to always workout to your intensity to avoid injuries!

Gym attendances do spike a bit in September but decline rapidly from October to December. The gym will be more empty aside from the gym nuts, smart shredders and sports-specific people. Why not be one of them?

If you are taking supplements, now would be a great time to switch from your Diet Whey to the normal Whey protein. The difference is that there is more pure protein generally in normal Whey than there is in Diet Whey.

Lastly, more strength-based exercises require a higher amount of calroies to consume...that's need to eat more. Brilliant isn't it? Win-win....if you carry on training. This means that on average you should consume around 200kcal more. This is because your body requires more energy to change your body especially if you shock your body with this new type of training.

If you need any help trying to find out how to best go into this new phase of exercising consult google or ask one of our TDL Fitness personal trainers, or sign up for E-PT which helps you via Skype to tailor exercise routines for you based on who you are and what you want. Send us a message for more info.

Be proud.

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