Periodisation: Plan Ahead

So you aren't content with a gym schedule for 8-12 weeks? One of those people who likes to plan as far as possible into the future? There is a method for you.

Periodisation is the method by which you map out your fitness plan for the next couple, months to the whole year, two years possibly!

The idea behind periodisation is you have more than one weekly gym schedule, working within the perameters of the pyramid of exercise. The pyramid is outlined roughly below.

The higher up you go in the pyramid, the more intense the exercise, the more heavy the weight, the less reps you do, the more sets you do as you go up the pyramid. Think of the top as your bodybuilders and Usain Bolts of the world, the middle bit as your Jessica Ennis-Hill, and the bottom as your Mo Farah in that sense.

The idea behind periodisation is you flip from one to the other (without jumping or falling too far on each part of the pyramid) depending on the time of the year.

An example of a periodisation plan is below.

This is very useful for people who are preparing for an event, or a sport, or a show, or to plan to acheive a very long term goal. This is also very good to make sure you always avoid the dreaded plateau effect which can be really annoying. It's a fantastic way to set challenges for you! There are so many different ways of making a plan like this and it's up to you how you structure it.

If you are recovering from a long term injury or chronic injury this is a very good way of making a plan to acheive an efficient rehabilitation, especially if you consult your doctor about your long term fitness plan.

BE WARNED: Very long term plans are vulnerable to things that happen in life, potential injuries (touch wood) that might happen or a change in lifestyle.

It's very good to motivate people who like a long term plan. When making this plan, make sure you spend a lot of time looking at so many different ways of exercising, different methods, different templates, different combinations and really research as much as you can. Variety is the spice of life and fitness is no different.

This also works for a long term diet plan if you like too. Apply the diet plan in terms of calorie intake more than anything to your fitness plan if you are planning to lose weight/fat or gain weight/muscle.

If you would like help making one for yourself, feel free to message TDL FITNESS for help.

Don't worry if you don't feel this is for you. This is simply a long term option to create a long term fitness regime.

Keep it difficult, but keep it realistic. Success isn't just completing the long term plan, it's completing something originally you found almost difficult to keep going.


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