What Is "End Game"?

What is your goal? When you go to the gym, what are you aiming for? And when you get there, what next?

These questions don't get answered by most new year's resolution people, or people who have the words "SUMMER" written in neon lights in their head.

For others there is a goal but it may be something like; "I want to look better" or "I want to be toned" etc.

This is what every personal trainer, every fitness instructor, every experienced fitness fanatic, every athelete will tell you; You need a specific goal!!!

What is a specific goal? It can take a few forms, depending on your general goal.

For example:

I want to lose weight, THEREFORE I need to go from 70kg to 60kg, and i have 4 months.

I want to tone up, THEREFORE i need to go from 19% body fat to 14%, and I have 3 months.

I want to improve my general fitness, THEREFORE I need to improve from 3km in 30 minutes to 20 minutes, and i have 2 months.

I want to be stronger, THEREFORE i need to be able to improve my bench press from 4 X 10 reps 60kg to 80kg, and i have 3 months.

There are 4 seperate examples of what your goal, your END GAME can be. You see that these statements are divided into three parts.

1) My general goal

2) My specific number origin and target

3) My time frame I give myself.

If you have a specific statement then you can aim for it and when you get there you have a sense of achievement. If you do not have this rigid aim, and instead have a vague "I want to look good" goal, you will never ever succeed because goals like that are a matter of perception. Perception is subjective, and your subjective goal will always be just too far away from you for you to say you have achieved it.

One quick pointer, make sure your goal is achievable both in general and in the time frame. If you make it ridiculous then when you don't make it you will feel disheartened and might even give up. Avoid it by deliberating what you can do with the time you have to exercise, mindful of your own body composition and general athletic ability. If you are in doubt, ask anyone, or email TDL FITNESS.

You don't have to have just one specific goal!!! You can have more than one. Couple "I Want to tone up by going down 3% body fat in 3 months" with "I want to be able to squat 4 x 10, 10kg more than i do now in 3 months" or something like that and you have two goals to achieve! You may get to one before the other but that doesn't matter! You have a goal, or two, or three, you achieve them all.

Then you move on....

So you have an end game, and you get there. Now what? You make a new one. You start from scratch. You change your gym schedule and plan, you don't plateau, you go further in your fitness life.

A big "Tony's tip" is to write it down, or type it and print it in bold and plaster it on your bedroom wall. Make it visible and pretty to look at. Take down that vague "I can do it!" poster and put up "MY fitness goals". Don't be inspired by someone or something else, be inspired by yourself.

Having an End Game is vital to direct you towards your real goal, it is vital to show you just how much progress you have made that perhaps progress pictures can't show, and it is more impressive to tell people just where you were, and where you are now.


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