Making Burpees Your Friend

the burpee has been the bane of many people's lives. When asked to do a burpee in a class or from a personal trainer, the request is usually followed by a 'groan' or 'oh god no' or 'I would rather eat a pinecone upside down with bagpipe music blaring away in the rain whilst Piers Morgan recites his thoughts of the day'.

The burpee however is actually an exercise that you will learn to love, with a bit of graft at the beginning.

For those who aren't farmiliar with a burpee here are the 5 steps to the burpee as listed below:

1. Start in the standing position, ready to pounce.

2. Drop to the squat position with your legs and place your hands on the floor

3. Kick your feet back in a jumping motion or one step at a time, keeping your hands on the ground.

4. Immediately return your feet to the squat position, i.e. back to step 2.

5. Jump from the squat position.

And you are done. All those steps should be done smoothly and with regular breathing.

Now why would you do such a tasking exercise? Krista Stryker kindly articulated it perfectly, so thanks Kris!

- It works your entire body.

- You can do them anywhere.

- It boosts your cardiac endurance.

- They will help you get stronger

- They enhance any workout you are doing.

The burpee is an exercise that helps with so many things at the same time. The tricky thing is that for a lot of people, it feels that just doing a few at a time. That is ok! Burpees are tricky to get into a rhythm with your body at first but you can do it. aim for 5 at a time, 1 minute rest then try again, and attempt to get to 10 at a time. Once you succeed, that's day one.

If you can do 10 in a row already, see how many you can do in a minute. Remember your score then attempt it tomorrow.

This leads on to what I think is the best part about burpees; the amount of burpees you can do/how fast you can do them/how many you can do at on time can be a really good indicator of your general fitness. Burpees test both your cardio, your strength, your core, your body's ability to endure a significant amount of stress and your flexibility.

Burpees should be one of the first exercises you could be thinking of when thinking up a circuit course for yourself because they are just incredible for any day even if you are working on upper body, lower body or if you are focused on weight loss, toning (especially for the tummy!!)

There are so many variations of burpees, the most well known one is to add a press up when you are briefly in the plank position during the burpee. These variations are for people who are happy or comfortable with the initial burpee. Walk before you can run everyone!

Make burpees your friend and exercise will respect you. Fear burpees and you will be haunted by the burpee monster....

Remember the thing about exercise; if you are sweating, slightly feeling some muscle ache, breathing quickly and gasping for water/air, you are having an effective workout. Just don't die....that's...that's something different.

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