Chocolate Is Healthy

Now for the blog post you have been rubbing your rubarb for. The blog that tells you that chocolate is healthy for you. Yes, you read right, and don't read that bit again i'll write it for you. Chocolate is healthy for you.

First of all a small disclaimer. This does not mean I am advising a chocolate-only diet, nor am i advocating the binge eating of chocolate in any way. I am merley talking about the benefits of having chcolate in your general diet.

Now we've got that out the way, lets get down to the fun bit.......<inhales deeply>

Findings from Mary Engler, professor of physiological nursing at the University of California found that cocoa, the principle ingrediant of chocolate has a high amount of healthy chemicals designed to kill germs, chemicals such as flavanoids and theobromine. So chocolate is great to keep some bugs away.

A Swedish study used 31,000 women, half of which had one or two servings of dark chocolate a day for 9 years. The results showed that those who had regular chocolate in their diet cut the risk of heart failure by as much as a third.

Findings from the Univeristy of Copenhagen found that dark chocolate makes you feel more full, which can be good for not over-eating in general, meaning that it has similar benefits to weight loss as water.

A 15 day Italian study found that the people tested with a kit kat size helping of dark chocolate a day had a lower potential insulin resistance; the key issue when contracting diabetes. Thank you Flavanoids!

In the Journal of Circulaton, it is found that epicatechin; a type of Flavanoid, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that help the blood vessels resist atherosclerosis.

London researchers found that Flavanoids (they are so useful aren't they) have a skin benefit. 3 months of eating dark chocolate found that the skin resisted the reddening that happens before you get a skin burn. Yes, it's like a natural sun tan lotion...just don't smear it on your body, that's not what you do.

With regards to the brain, researchers at the University of Nottingham (my uni :D ) found that flavanols improve blood flow to the brain, providing short term improvement in alertness. Researchers in Oxford and Oslo found that, in a study using 2,000 over 70's, they had a much better cognitive test score with a flavanoid rich diet than those who hadn't. The chaps at Nottingham Uni went further to find that a chocolate-rich diet would help people suffering from Dimentia and Alzhimers. The benefits to our neuro-transmitters as well help with our sleep patterns too.

And now for the small print. Because this is important we are going to make the font bigger so the small print becomes big print.

Professor Alan Crozier from the University Of Glasgow found that if milk is added to chocolote, it greatly reduces the body's ability to absorb epicatechins (ECG), a type of Flavanoid. If you want a lot of ECG it's found in green tea and grapes.

Researchers recomend you eat chocolote which contains 70% or more cocoa, and it is recomended that you try to ingest it as a drink.

So in conclusion, chocolote can be good for you. Dark chocolate is best for you, the more milk chocolate contains the worse it gets. Yes there are healthier food stuffs out there but hey, life is short. My favorite is Galaxy chocolate.

Now excuse me whilst I help myself to a Twirl :D

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