End The Routine!

Anyone can make a gym routine, but the trickiest thing is keeping it going. Many people stop going to the gym full stop after they find their gym routine rather dull. Or there are people who are given gym routines that are ridiculously complicated and intricate that are easy to forget or just seem a bit too complicated to understand.

The secret to a good gym session is keeping it simple and efficient; but not too much of either. If it's too simple it is probably not so effective, and if it's very efficient it is probably very complicated. The way to make the perfect gym plan is to make it simple to remember and to excecute, and effiicient enough to make it worth it. There is a middle ground.

That is one issue to a gym plan. The other is to not make it a routine. A personal trainer will give you a gym routine, or you will find one on the internet and try that. But that's exactly what you will find when you do it, it's a routine. Who enjoys a routine? A routine in general is something you go through as if mechanically and it is necessary for you to accomplish something. A routine is brushing your teeth, then breakfast, then get changed as that is efficient to get to work. The gym should not be work!

Instead of making or being given a gym routine, make it a gym CHALLENGE. We are more inclined to try to achieve challenges if we know there is a significant percentage chance we can achieve it. Therefore we are more likely to try the challenge over and over again before we accomplish it. When we accomplish it we feel we have gone on a journey, we feel vindicated for starting the challenge and we go on to the next one. THAT IS WHAT GYM PROGRESS IS!

If someone challenges you to swim 50 lengths in 30 minutes and you haven't done it before, chances are you won't do it first time, but you know that if you work at it you will make that target. It's not a ridiculously olympic target, it can be done. It could take you a week, it could take you a month, doesn't matter. what matters is that you are motivated to train yourself to be able to make that target and in doing so you are more likely to train to do it.

Anyone who tells you otherwise clearly hasn't gone through what most people go through, finding a solution to motivation. Don't make a gym routine, make a gym challenge. For example think of a routine that demands a lot from you. Take a TDL E+ workout where you make 6 exercises, split into two muscle groups and you alternate exercises according to what muscle group you are targetting (e.g. chest and abs= dumbell press, mountain climbers, chest flys, ab crunches etc). Decide what exercises you want to do and aim to do them one after the other without stopping, with just a minute after each round to rest. Chances are, if you get the weights and reps right, you will struggle the first time you do it. But if you do that plan once a week, with other plans on other days a week, you will come back and try to do it better next time. THAT IS IT!

Be motivated by setting yourself challenges in the gym. Keep it achieveable and simple and you will find that movitation will flow through you.

Simplicity and efficiency with the knowledge that you are attempting a challenge is what you need to make the best gym plan. Forget routines, start challenging yourself physically within your limits and you will find that going to the gym is something you look forward to, because you know that you will want to do better than last week. You will know you are progressing, you will notice your body changing and you will be who you want to be much quicker than you anticipated when you started.

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