A Happiness Correlation With Fat

Have you ever thought that people with a very low body fat percentage are sometimes more agitated and stressed?

If not, well that's great, but everyone's heard that some fat people are more jolly. Santa, whilst overweight, is always described as a merry soul.

A study from the University of Leuven in Belgium conducted a study to investigate if people with a larger amount of fat cells reacted to stressful or sad scenes to a different degree with people who had less fat cells in their body. Their study found that the group with larger fat cells reacted much more favourably to the sad/stressful stimulus than the other group.

Specialist Dr Louis Aronne of the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York said: ‘Many things in obesity have been said to be psychological and this adds to the body of evidence that something physical is going on.

‘People who are obese may have to eat more to get the same stimulation as normal-weight individuals.’

The link between happiness and fatty foods may date to the Stone Age because fat was essential for survival – making it trigger reward centres in the brain.

Obesity expert Dr Giovanna Cizza, said of the study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation: ‘Evolution has provided us with an over-the-counter anti-sadness product.

Whilst this doesn't mean that putting on weight will make you happy, and we always recomend losing weight at a healthy level, there is a correlation between fat cells and happiness that, whilst heavily dependant on your personality and state of living, help us show that being majorly thin, with a drastically low body fat percentage could affect your ability to enjoy life.

Of course the correlation between fat and happiness tails off at some point but the crux of this argument is that having a certain degree of fat in your body is good for you, not only from a diet point of view, after all remmeber that in your daily diet you need to save 8% of your daily calorie intake for fats.

This is a very sciency post so for anyone who skipped to the end to find the concluson to this to understand what was just said just read this; "Fat can be good, not too much, not too little. Don't overdo it, but maybe that slice of cake could make you happy for the rest of the day, as long as you work out too".

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