What To Do When It Hurts

Everyone has little aches and pains in anoying places that have made us weaker in those areas than others. Sometimes it's from a chronic injury, sometimes it's from a niggling pain you picked up from a fall or tweak getting out of the car.

So does that mean you should rest it as much as possible? Well it depends on the severity.

Whenever something hurts, always chat to your doctor and see what it is.

You will hear a lot of fitness-insane people say "fight through the pain". Well that could make the pain worse. BUT for a lot of injuries that you can feel but still have mobility on it can be alright to do things with. But what?

I'll start off with swimming as it's the best form of physiotherapy. You don't put weight on it and you focus on mobility and flexibility. The worst thinkg you can do with an injury is nothing...unless it's broken..then do nothing. But swimming is the best as it is nice on the joints, promotes good rehabilitation and spreads out the work effort more evenly than weights.

If putting weight on it doesn't aggrivate the pain too much then try and work on the muscles around the joint or muscle pain you have. A lot of muscle pains are due to a single muscle being overused as the other muscles are underdeveloped. A common problem with muscles located in and around the knee. So with tender care why not work on the muscles that could give the painful muscle some help so that the injury doesn't come back! To do this, use a weight machine to find out how to work on the other muscles NOT the one that hurts. For example if your Meniscus cartilage hurts (your natural knee shock absorbers) then jump (not phyisically) on the leg press machine and work on your various muscles around your knee like your Semimebranosis or Semitendanosis, or your Tencia Fascia Latae.

Those are the two best ways to rehab your pain without seeking professional help like a physio (HIGHLY RECOMENDED if you can afford it) or...er..surgery i guess. Make sure that if the pain gets worse then stop what you are doing...obviously.

If you feel fatigue, keep going. If you feel tendon, ligament, cartilage or bone pain then stop and re-think what to do. There's no harm in finding alternatives, but whatever you do, don't do nothing!

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