The Emergency Pre-Summer Diet

Ok, summer is coming....battle stations!

Exercise is on your mind, and you are doing your best there...but remember that looking good is 40% exercise, and 60% diet. Having a good diet can take months, or years to perfect and get used to.

But we don't have that long until summer is upon us. Or if you are reading this and summer is a long way away...well...start eating well now!

For those who have limited time until summer, and are exercising well take these emergency steps:

1. No bread. Not even brown bread! Cut out the wheat which gives you that bloated look. Get rid of all bread in your diet for a while and it will make A LOT of difference.

2. No milk. Sorry tea drinkers and cereal people, milk isn't great for your figure. Milk has a fair amount of fat in it, fat which takes a while for the body to break down. Cut that out of your diet and you are doing very very well!

3. Understand your calories. For men its's around 2,500 kcal, for women its 1,950 kcal though this varies depending on your body type and hoe much you exercise. Don't calorie count, but think about it. As long as you are consuming less calories than you used to then you will lost weight. WARNING! Don't cut out calories drastically. Cutting calories at too large a rate can slow down your metabolism which will mess you up. So make sure if you cut down on calories you do it GRADUALLY! Cut out 100 max calories in your diet (if need be) maximum until you are around the ideal daily calorie intake for your gender/species.

4. Cut out sweets...duh...but not chocolote. Chocolote can be healthy. Check out our Chocolote blog to find out why!

5. Cut out alcohol. No wine! Stop it! Put it down! No don't read on whilst disregarding my statement, put that glass down! I'll wait....well done.

6. Make water your best friend. It raises your metabolism and helps cut down fat cells at a high rate.

7. Saturated fat is your friend, unsaturated fat is the devil when heated up. Check the label. Sunflower oil, olive oil, vegetable oil is evil as it becomes transfat. Look at the label where it says fat% and "of which saturates". The higher the percentage the better it is for you.

Along with a regimented training programme you will achieve the look you want to get to summer feeling and looking friggin awesome! Keep that protein intake going and you will be just fine. Eat good, train good, feel good.

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