What To Do With Your Abs

How do you get those abs out? It depends. No one answer is right. Do not read the "secrets to getting abs" because they are one size-fits-all and they do not take into account what type of person you are.

There are two types of ab goals; those who want to define their abs and those who need to lose weight.

WE ALL HAVE ABS. Look at a thin person and they are quite well defined too sometimes. The thing is that there are generally two different types of ab exercises; ab strengthening exercises like crunches and ab cardio exercises like mountain climbers.

If you are thin and want those abs to come out then focus 50/50 on ab strength and ab cardio. Why? Because if you are going to the gym to tone up, you need to get rid of that layer of body fat and then your muscles will become more defined; that's what toning is.

If you are losing weight to get those abs out or you have a goal similar to that DO NOT DO AB STRENGTH WORKOUTS. Why? Think about it. You have abs, but you have a bigger layer of body fat in front of it. If you have that belly fat but work on ab strength exercises effectively then you push your abs out, but you also push out that belly fat; making you seem like your gaining weight in a way. If you see some extreme body builders; some of them look fat; but they most likely have very strong abs, but that tummy fat just hasn't gone.

If you want to get abs, FIRST you must get rid of that body fat. Do ab cardio exercises like mountain climbers, planks, burpees, half burpees, running up hills or incline running etc and do them efficiently. Do NOT do crunches, bicycle kicks, jack knives etc unless you have reached that level of tummy fat which you are happy with.

You need to be efficient and not push out that belly fat. Of course lower belly fat is tricker to get rid of upper belly fat but it will shift with the proper execution of exercises (see our previous blog "The TDL E+ Workout" for tips to making exercising more efficient).

For those who want to get results fast and can get to the gym a lot try to do that 50/50 split of strength and cardio as long as your diet is good and you stick to unsaturated fats (no saturated or TRANSFAT) then you will see results.

Ab tip? 60 burpees a day, for 3-4 days a week for 6 weeks with a good diet and you will see results. Just make sure you do those burpees fast and non stop.

Be sensible about your ab workout. Cardio is best, strength is good after. There's the secret. Tailor it to where you are on your fitness/health journey.

-Tony of TDL Fitness

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