Why Lifting Is Better (Our 10 Reasons)

When we say lifting we mean, using weights like dumbells, barbells, kettlebells etc. We think that equipment such as these is more effetive than other methods such as resistance bands and hard core cardio. Lifting weights helps improve so much of ourselves in every way and almost every fitness goal would be achieved more effectively. Here are our reasons why we recomend getting to the weight rack:

1) Strength training increases energy levels.

2) Gaining muscle lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones.

3) Strength training improves physical appearance (duh!)

4) More muscle means a stronger immune system.

5) More muscle means higher fat burning metabolism.

6) Weight lifting improves athletic performance (for most athletic sports).

7) Strength training improves balance and coordination.

8) Muscle typicaly declines 30% or more between ages 35 to 65. Weightlifting prevents much of this loss.

9) Weightlifting helps relaxation promoting a good nights sleep.

10) Maintaining muscle strength benefits simple daily activities.

There are so many reasons to go that extra mile!!!

And for the women who are afraid to put on too much muscle mass; to put on a lot of muscle mass you need high amounts of testosterone. Men have 10 TIMES more testosterone in their bodies than women. And a lot of men can tell you how hard it is for them to put on muscle! So don't worry :D

This is why TDL FITNESS uses adjustable dumbells a lot when training its clients. Whilst we acknowledge that there are other ways of training we believe firmly that using weights is much more efficient and beneficial to people health/fitness/phyiscal and looking good!

Always use weight machines and free weights responsibly. Never over-exert and follow the pyramid of Muscular Endurance - Muscular Strength - Hypertrophy - Strength and Power training. To find out more about the pyramid and to assess where YOU are in the pyramid just send us an email!

Now lift!

-Tony of TDL Fitness

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