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TDL FITNESS has received this story from one of our Facebook Fans. The author of this story has requested to be kept anonymous due to the sensetive subject matter;

I have been a gym goer for a long time now. I used to not go but then i decided to go and got the bug quite a lot. I've suffered from depression and anxiety issues in my life and I have taken steps to try to make it easier on myself. I'm usually a happy person but sometimes i let my mask slip.

Becoming active and in the gym has kept me going through tough times in my life. There have been times when i thought all was hopeless and i did not feel i could back myself or feel any sense of happiness with myself. Being fit and going to the gym saved my life, figuratively and literally; I was once so low I had thought for a number of weeks that my life was not worth living any more (purely circumstancial). I even went so far as to organise the means to go through with it. The only thing then that kept me going was the knowledge that i had achieved so much physically and mentally from when i started exercising that I felt that sllither of self-worth to carry on.

I'm mentioning this because I think there are people in a similar position to me, depressed and unhappy. I hope they know that there is a way of feeling happy about yourself. Whilst i'm not totally happy, I know that I am much better than if i had never gone to the gym before. I no longer take anti depressants, i take protein pills, i no longer go on long walks just to clear my head, i go on long runs...on the treadmill!

Thank you for reading this and I hope any readers of this who can associate with me can feel some sort of hope that I managed to find that helped me be the person i am today, instead of the person i could have been, which could have not been here at all.

We are sure you will join us in admiring this person's courage not only in revealing their story and letting us publish it but showing the courage in their story. It is people like this author that TDL FITNESS wants to target; people who are depressed, who don't feel happy with themselves, those who can't look at themselves in the mirror. There are those people around and if you know anyone like that then direct them to here and we can both publish their story and help them out through both phyiscal and mental help and solutions. Self-esteem is golden and we wish to give that to everyone. Men and women of the UK who are feeling low we have solutions for you, you are not alone.



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