The TDL E+ Workout

TDL FITNESS strives to find the best and most effective ways for people to get fit and achieve their fitness goals. We try to find the reasons why people don't go to the gym, or why people who used to go to the gym stopped. We have studied explanations from a wide variety of people and as part of the solutions we have found we would like to introduce the TDL E+ Workout.

E stands for Efficiency. Why Efficiency? One of the most common issues people have with exercise is that it takes so long! One of the biggest put-offs is that people think that adequate exercise to lose weight or tone up is to spend over an hour, almost 2 hours in order to have an effective workout in a day. This is a myth.

You can workout for half an hour and still feel as tired and be burning fat at the same rate as if you had spend hours in the gym. How? How often do you think people who spend hours in the gym rest for? More often than not rest times can accumatively take up to 15 minutes of your workout time; that's 15 minutes of wandering around doing nothing whilst your heart rate slows down meaning you are not burning fat and toning up.

The TDL E+ workout is a principle you can apply to your exercise routine. Spend no longer than 45 minutes in your workout by applying these simple rules. 1. Don't make the gym a social occasion, put your phone down, you have so many hours to chat to everyone, just take half an hour of your time to yourself..and stop taking selfies! Do that later. 2. Structure your workout into a 5 minute warm-up (on a cardio machine), followed by a 10 minute challenging cardio exercise, and do 6 free weight exercises one after the other, working alternate muscle groups in each exercise (e.g. ex.1 arms, ex.2 legs, ex 3 shoulders), rest after the 6th exercises for 60 SECONDS AT MOST and repeat 2-3 times. Stretch afterwards (not before, static stretching can decrease the strength of your muscles by up to 10%!) and that whole thing should take you 45 minutes at most! Any less and the weights you are using are too light, any more and you are using too heavy weights.

That's it. That's all you have to do in a gym. Of course one size does not fit all and personalising your workout is very necessary (especially if coming back from injury) but essentially you do not have to run 40 minutes, you don't have to do weight exercises over and over again.

A structure to your exercise routine will also spill over into another issue we find people have with exercise in general; getting bored.

The TDL E+ workout principle will help you not get bored because you know what you are doing and you are being efficient about it.

It's also more effective for you to keep exercising because you do not give your body the rest time to go back to a relaxed state. You need to keep your heart rate at around 130-145bpm for your body to keep burning fat to maintain the energy needed to do the bodily tasks you want it to. Think about it; if you spend hours in the gym with a lot of rest periods, you keep training to get your heart rate back to the fat burning rate and by the time it gets back up there you are resting again and back down goes your heart rate. Keep the heart rate up (whilst always taking into consideration your body's limits. Do not over-exert yourself).

We hope this helps those who are struggling with time and getting bored. Add the TDL E+ principle to your workout and you will be well on your way to getting to that fitness goal you want.

-The TDL Fitness Team


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