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The statistics are that 18% of the population of the UK have a gym membership, 3% of that figure actualy use it. So if you dont have a gym membership, or you don't use it you are in the majority of the population. Unfortunately that shouldn't make you feel comfortable at all.

What you should feel is "how can i go from the majority to the fitness minority?" If we all thought that then childhood obesity would be wiped out, we would all live longer, McDonalds and Burger King would no longer have a stranglehold over us with their delicious chicken royales.

For a lot of people it's not easy to go to a gym during the working week, or during the weekend because 2 days just isn't enough for a proper weekly session. Some don't have the time, some don't have the motivation, some don't have the facilities to go to.

That's where TDL Fitness comes in. We have always wanted to reach out to those people especially because those are the people most in need. Those who go to the gym great! We will see you there and offer our services to further enhance your fitness routines to achieve your goals quicker and with greater efficiency. To those who don't go to the gym but want to get active we are here for you.

But how do you get fit without all the weights, machines, treadmills etc? The answer is very simple. You don't need an exercise DVD, you don't need to buy your own equipment (unless you have a strength goal), all you need is a safe space, some music if it helps and your bodyweight.

There are dozens of exercises that only use bodyweight

. http://strength.stack52.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/PERIODIC_TABLE_medium_size_new.jpg

That link takes you to the periodic table of bodyweight exercises. This is just one of many methods you can use to achieve your goal.

TDL Fitness brings its own equipment to further help you achieve your goals. We even bring ideas of exercises that burns more calories than if you ran on a treadmill for up to 40 minutes! Our equipment includes adjustable dumbells, adjustable kettlebells etc that will help you when you have half an hour to an hour to spare in your day.

Being active and being fit does not even have to limit itself to an hour a day. For those who live in an office environment changing how you work can have a drastic effect if done constantly. An example of changing how you work is by simply standing up more, walking round the office whilst taking calls, i'm sure you can think of small ways of specifically changing your working routine, even just cycling to work! Did you know that standing up for over 2 hours a day burns as many calories as is in a Kit Kat Chunky?

TDL Fitness will always offer its services to everyone especially those who can't find the opportunity to go to the gym or exercise a lot themselves, and we know that you will always have an opportunity no matter how small to take that chance to achieve your fitness/nutritional goal. We think you can do it, and if you think you can do it then you are already on your way there to getting that beach body, that slender feel, that change in your life that you feel you need.

-Tony of TDL Fitness


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