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TDL Fitness offers E-PT sessions.



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E-PT is personal training and Dietry Nutrition consultations through Skype sessions.


In these sessions a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer will be committed to your session, going through your fitness and/or diet plan. We will help by either creating a customised fitness and/or diet plan or to help tweak your existing plans to help make it work for you.


We offer Skype sessions. All you need is a Skype account, a strong internet connection and from half an hour to an hour of your time.


You must be registered with us in order to apply for an E-PT session. Please register with us and fill in the informatio required.


We are committed to 100% satisfaction for all of our members.

                        The 30 Minute Session


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TDL Fitness
TDL Fitness

Our Specialities

TDL FITNESS is dedicated to appealing to everyone possible. Reflecting on the statistic that only 18% of the population of the United Kingdon own a gym membership we aim to reach out to everyone in every environment. Therefore we offer our expertise to those with a limited amount of time to exercise.


We aim to reach people with every life goal, especialy those with a weight-loss goal, a body toning goal and/or sports training goal.


Whilst we don't want to limit ourselves in terms of age, currently we have a target age range from 18-45 (subject to change).


TDL FITNESS extends its services to both genders of all ethnic backgrounds.