About Tony
TDL Fitness

Tony has lived in London all his life. He grew up in Kensington, schooled in Sussex and Surrey and went to the University of Nottingham graduating with a degree in History and Politics.


Tony's sporting passions include Rugby, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing, Football and Athletics.


Tony is a licensed personal trainer, fitness instructor and ski instructor with a unique teaching style that revolves around the principles of easy understanding and professional entertainment. If his clients aren't smiling he isn't doing it right!


Official Qualifications:


Diploma in Personal Training Level 3

CSIA Ski Instructor Level 2

Diploma in Fitness Instructing Level 2

Diploma in Nutritional Advice Level 2

Diploma in First Aid Level 2

Diploma in Kettlebell Instructing Level 2

Diploma in Curcuit Training Level 2

Diploma in Working With Communities Level 2

Diploma in Exercise To Music


BA Degree in History & Politics

TDL Fitness

"Hi! I'm Tony. Thanks for visiting my page! By clicking this far you have already taken a massive step towards what you want to achieve physically too!


As you can see from the flattering above picture I used to be fat. I held a lot of body fat in my tummy and it made me feel really low; there was even a time when I couldn't stand the sight of myself in the mirror. I was closing in towards 90kgs. Instead of being ok with it I decided to change my ways and after creating a gym schedule I created myself with the help of a few YouTube videos to help I managed to cut down all the way to 70kgs in 6 months. Now I have achieved a physical state that I am not only happy about, but a state that I am proud of.


I decided to get into the industry simply because I want to help other people achieve the same as I have. I don't mean I want to just help you get rid of fat, my mission statement is that I want you to feel proud of yourself and to help you into a new state of mind where you can feel comfortable in your own skin, spend forever looking at yourself in the mirror in amazement and most importantly of all I want you to keep this state of mind for the rest of your life.


There are many ways to seize the day, mine is to help others seize theirs.

Thanks! Have a great day and hope to see you soon!"

- Tony de Lacey