About SAmii

Samii has lived in Australia all her life, using her passions to travel the world and share what she has learnt, to change others lives for the better.


She has completed studies in Australia and London and utilized them to change lives all over the world. Every day she considers herself lucky to wake up with clients from Australia, America, London, South Africa, Mexico, Alaska and individuals she  was lucky enough cross to paths with or meet in her adventures; with online support, motivation and coaching her clients of their individual goals.


Her fulfillment in life is  seeing others reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves demonstrating everything the health and fitness lifestyle assists her with through her life to make her who she is today.


Samii’s sporting passions began at a young age, involved in Netball starting at the age of 8, and hanging up the sneakers at 21 she was playing social, club, coaching, referring, training full time and playing up to 5 nights per week, Through injuries and work commitments she found herself in the gym maintaining her fitness and fell in love. She then further took her passions to continue learning everything she loved and helping others with what she learnt to become the best version of themselves.


Samii’s passions include fitness, weight training, cardiovascular, Nutrition, fitness modelling, competitive sports, group sports anything with physical activity the discipline comes from always having goals and achieving them.

- Qualifications Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness Master Personal Trainer Level 2


- Kettlebell Instructor


- Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Pure form


- Pilates


- Yoga



- Exercise to music


- Spin


- Current enrolment Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics